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Venezuela's sociopolitical landscape has deteriorated significantly over the past decade, culminating in a profound humanitarian crisis. This ethnography, conducted from 2015 to the present, explores the experiences of a study group comprising 2000 Venezuelan communication college students, aged 17 to 25, who navigate structural violence while striving for quality higher education. The research employed a multifaceted approach, encompassing interviews, focus groups, and observations. Additionally, this qualitative study examines the outcomes of implementing an interdisciplinary journalism curriculum grounded in human rights and media activism, complemented by online sessions and an environmental education component. This educational project aims to foster critical thinking and discernment, empowering journalists to act with autonomy, freedom, and a reflective critical spirit, wielding their skills in the service of freedom, peace, justice, dignity, and sustainable development. The present research underscores the transformative impact of this model, particularly its environmental component, which cultivates a climate of respect, mutual support, empathy, and dignity, while fostering collaboration, cooperation, and active promotion of sustainable development.