The SUNY Journal of the Scholarship of Engagement: JoSE

JoSE Aims and Scope

JoSE distinguishes itself from other journals specializing in applied learning in that it focuses on relationships between SUNY-approved applied learning strategies and students’ readiness for careers and for citizenship. Committed to excellence and rigor in reporting and research, JoSE is guided by the principles of accountability, responsibility, and transparency in its editorial management and policies. Like the SUNY community which it serves, JoSE understands applied learning in flexible, diverse, and wide-ranging ways. Target articles explore, but are not limited to, the role of SUNY-approved applied learning in
  • Assessment of student learning outcomes
  • Assessment of applied learning faculty members’ professional development
  • Contemporary and emerging issues, such as climate change, civic participation, and perceptions of public higher education
  • Criticism and innovation in applied learning methodology, where methodology is understood to encompass both theory and practice
  • The intersection of education, business, and government in the applied learning classroom
  • Narratives about applied learning experiences
  • Nurturing students’ leadership skills