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The goal of this presentation was to offer different methods for first-year students to be able to schedule their days and maximize productivity while still having free time. I remember coming in as a freshman and not really knowing how to manage my time or schedule my days effectively because throughout my life, my schedule had always been run by my parents, coaches, or school. Time management training and help to reduced perceived stress (Häfner, 2015). I personally use every method I spoke about and mentioned several different ones in order to help students find what works for them. To prepare for my lesson, I gathered my content into six different sections and prepared a PowerPoint to present my findings and lessons. In my presentation I talked about methods such as time-blocking using a calendar app or paper calendar, the Eisenhower method of importance (Nevins, 2023), how to break up your weeks, how to create an efficient to-do list, and how to work around when you are most efficient.


College experience, student life, COR 101, time management