John Crosby

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)




Training focuses on the concentric action of muscle during exercise for most exercise programs, but eccentric training may yield greater results. The QuadmillTM is a unique piece of training equipment that focuses on training the quadriceps muscle eccentrically. Purpose: to determine if using the QuadmillTM could increase power and anaerobic capacity to the same level, if not greater, than a standard concentric focused lower body training protocol. Participants were 44 undergraduate college students (24 Male 20 Female) Design: participants placed into three equal groups (QuadmillTM, Lifting, Control). The two experimental groups (QuadmillTM and Lifting) underwent seven weeks of a training intervention based on group. Pre- and post-tests of power (vertical jump height and approach jump height) and anaerobic capacity (shuttle run) were used to measure performance. The QuadmillTM group was statistically significant from both of the other groups in terms of power after the seven weeks Conclusion: eccentric training with the QuadmillTM can yield greater power development than concentric training with a standard resistance training program.