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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)



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Anderson Young

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Charles Yaple

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Sharon L. Todd


This thesis includes three articles (chapters) intending to encourage clarification of an area of environmental history that has not received adequate attention since the publication of Roderick Nash’s Wilderness and the American Mind. Since its publication in 1967, little research has been dedicated to understanding the scholarly or philosophical influence Albert Schweitzer and Liberty Hyde Bailey had on Aldo Leopold. Since my undertaking of this topic, I have established two primary goals. First, I want to provide clarification to environmentalists, academics, and the populace at large that environmentalism does not have to be bound by rules and convention, but can instead be shaped on a personal basis. Said another way, you do not need to be the same kind of environmentalist as everyone else for it to “count.” Second, I want to inspire readers of to think beyond what they know about the people and things they love, and realize that those people who influence their lives the most (such as Aldo Leopold) also had great influences of their own.