The Student Newspapers collection consists of four titles published online. The total collection (some of which have not been published yet) consists of six titles. These include the Index Normalis (1869), Normal News (1879-1925), Co-No Press (1925-1942), Hilltop Press (1942-1971), Press (1971-1990), and the Dragon Chronicle (1990-present). Currently anything before 1942 with the exception of one issue from the Index Normalis in 1869, has not been made available online yet. 1942-2013 is available online including the titles of Hilltop Press, Press, and Dragon Chronicle. All of the collected titles are available in the College Archives upon request. Simply email for more information on making an appointment.

Visit the official website for SUNY Cortland Dragon Chronicle for recent news stories, list of staff members, and contact information.


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Index Normalis (1869)

Normal News (1879-1925)

Co-No Press (1925-1942)

Hilltop Press (1942-1975)

The Press (1971-1990)

Dragon Chronicle (1990-present)