Research in Outdoor Education

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The Coalition for Education in the Outdoors is a network of institutions, organizations, agencies, centers, businesses, and associations linked and communicating in support of the broad purposes of education in, for,and about the outdoors. The Coalition assists in identifying the needs of its affiliates in meeting their various constituent needs, as well as advancing the mission of outdoor education globally. A Research Task Force was initiated by the Coalition in 1990 with the purpose of supporting the conduct of research in the field and dissemination of the results. The symposium at Bradford Woods and this publication offer evidence of the success of this task force. At the first symposium in 1992, there was general agreement that the symposium should be a regular occurrence. The 2004 Symposium and this volume of Research in Outdoor Education are indicators of the Coalition's continued support of research in the field of outdoor education. Information. on future events will be available through the Coalition office.

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