Research in Outdoor Education


Paul Petzoldt, an early pioneer in outdoor education, saw the need for trained outdoor leaders. Petzoldt spent his professional life edu­cating outdoor leaders to lead safe, enjoyable outdoor adventures without harm to the envi­ronment (Bachert, 1987, Ringholz, 1997). Pet­zoldt, who died in 1999, left a legacy of organi­zations, books, students, and controversy that have helped shaped the outdoor leadership pro­fession. After his death, boxes of papers and handwritten journals were given to the authors to use for research purposes. Some of Petzoldt's unpublished ideas are presented in this paper. Key concepts and meth­ods utilized by Petzoldt to train outdoor leaders were found in field journals, manuscripts, speeches and miscellaneous notes written by him over the last twenty years when he was ac­tive with the Wilderness Education Association