Research in Outdoor Education


The Adventure Recreation Model, first pro­posed and tested by Ewert and Hollenhorst (1989), attempts to describe participant. charac­teristics and patterns of use in adventure recrea­tion activities. The model was originally tested with students at Ohio State University who were involved in an outdoor pursuits program con­sisting of a wide variety of outdoor adventure activities. This study replicated and extended this research by using subjects who participated in a required outdoor course with an outdoor adventure component. The purpose of the study was to test the fit of the adventure model with subjects who were expected to be more diverse in their motivations for participation, and to compare the results to those of Ewert and Hol­lenhorst (1989). Like the original "theory test­ing" (p. 129) study, it was hoped that this replication would help broaden the application of thevalidity of the Adventure Recreation Model for explaining adventure recreation behavior.