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Kathleen Burke


Toyota is an automobile company that has dominated the market for many recent years. The cars that we have today are a lot different than the ones we had two hundred years ago. Innovations in car technology were possible by entrepreneur’s who wanted to make a difference in the world. Now, there are so many different options of cars to buy. This paper will outline the three main different types of fuel sources for cars, the pros and cons of each, and determine which consumers want the most. It will then go into what Toyota and its competitors have done, knowing this information. Then an analysis of Toyota’s internal and external strengths will be conducted with a linear regression analysis and other analytical techniques. The mission, goals, organizational structure of Toyota will be highlighted and suggestions for improvements and aspirations will be made. The goal of this paper is to provide Toyota an analysis of their company structure, market industry, products, their consumer’s preferences and competitors market share so that they are inspired to create the next innovative breakthrough for technology in cars making them more environmentally friendly, cost effective, and accessible to all.

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