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Open Access Thesis



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Samantha Moss


Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement by skeletal muscles resulting in energy expenditure. Physical activity has multiple different intensity levels, such as light, moderate, and vigorous. It is extremely important for both physical and mental health. The goals of this study are to examine the relationship between parental physical activity (i.e., leisure-time physical activity [moderate-vigorous physical activity]), youth health (i.e., body mass index [BMI], physical activity (moderate-vigorous physical activity), and perception of parental encouragement towards physical activity in a sample of parent-youth (8-14 years old) dyads. Participants will be sent a link via email that will have the validated questionnaires they will be asked to complete. Parts of the survey are questions designed for the youth to answer, whereas other parts are designed for the parent/guardian to answer.

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Kinesiology Commons