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Access Controlled Thesis



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Katherine Ahern


Another Book to be Burned is a dystopian novella taking place in a world where humans have ceded control and labor to androids to live laid back lives. However, the humans purposely removed all forms of emotion and emotional intelligence from the androids because it made them too "human-like," but continued to place all faith in these androids. Over a hundred years later, society is falling apart as suicide rates have skyrocketed, leading the androids to take drastic measures in the form of experiments to try to increase life expectancy and satisfaction in humans.

The novella centers around an unnamed protagonist who wakes up in a junkyard with no memories. Over time, he begins to see humans who tell him of their time in "School," where they were raised by the experimental android Book, the only android designed with the capability of feeling and understanding emotion, and the only one designed to teach the students about human literature.