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Jacqueline Augustine


College athletes have always struggled with their mental health, and it has recently become more widely recognized because of their lifestyle. Between managing schoolwork, team responsibilities, and having a social life, it is extremely easy to become overwhelmed and put other things before one’s psychological health. In this study, the SUNY Cortland Women’s Basketball team was surveyed to determine if depression, anxiety, and stress are prevalent in athletes at SUNY Cortland. The DASS-21 questionnaire was distributed to each of the women’s basketball athletes. This 21-question survey produced scores that determined whether they are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and/or stress. The purpose of this study was to determine whether mental health is an issue for SUNY Cortland athletes. It was found that Division III athletes do struggle with their mental health and support is needed to manage personal pressure and schoolwork to prevent their mental health struggles. Future studies are needed in larger samples to support our findings.

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