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Open Access Thesis

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Martine Barnaby


Our lives are surrounded and influenced by colors. Colors help us in our everyday lives, from helping us understand different concepts to helping us drive around town with road signs and streetlights. Colors regulate our lives not only physically but also, especially, psychologically. Warm and bright colors can give insight into
energy and happiness. On the contrary, cool and dark ones can be soothing and calming.

Research has demonstrated that colors can shape our experiences and affect our psycho-emotional status (our mental state related to a situation or circumstance). To demonstrate the link between our psycho-emotional state and the use of color, qualitative and quantitative data will be used in my research to
decode the emotional association of color and its relation to gender, age, and nationality. After generating a short survey among American and International students at SUNY Cortland, the data will be studied and selected to design an infographic to visually understand the link between the use of color and different cultures, emphasizing how the perceptions of some colors have universally changed.
This research will focus on different cultures and how people of diverse backgrounds (White/Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African American, American Indian) react to colors, which influence their emotions and actions today.