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The topic I chose to teach was "Organizational Tips and Planning Techniques." My presentation is about the skills needed to be a successful student at SUNY Cortland and beyond. One study done by Jill M. Gambill, Lauralee A. Moss, and Christie D. Vescogni concludes that the implementation and teaching of time management, organization, and other planning skills increased student's performance in school. (Gambill 2008) The author's say "As disorganization leads to lower grades and achievement, students are not prepared for the school side of life. Teachers also found that while some students knew the subject material, their grades did not reflect their
knowledge. Lacking education, skills to display their abilities, and fundamental skills, students
are not prepared for life."(Gambill 2008) Time management and organization is key in the prosperity of college students, and teaching it early in their freshman year can set them up to maintain a solid foundation for planning. Without these skills, learning can decrease, and a lack of educational opportunity for those students could exist. Being organized will set students up to achieve both academically and in the outside world.(Ventura 2021) Higher education is a large component of the earliest stages of student's adult lives. By showcasing these skills early in adulthood, students will be better prepared for opportunities that present them in the future, whether they are educational or not. If student's do not utilize these skills, they can fall behind, miss assignments, and ruin relationships.(Ventura 2021) This is a "behavioral intervention" that aid students in multiple facets.(Culver 2020) The goal of my lesson was to increase student's knowledge on the importance and success of organizational, planning, and time management skills, and encourage them to use them in their everyday life.


College experience, student life, COR 101, campus involvement, time management, organization