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The topic I chose to teach for one of my presentations in my COR 101 class was about getting involved on campus. I believe as a former freshman that I made all my friends here at SUNY Cortland mostly through clubs, sports, and other activities that are on campus. By introducing all these events and activities students can attend and join, they will be able to connect more with people within their cohort and eventually make a solid group of friends for their years here at SUNY Cortland. I talked a lot about Cortland Connect and how they can use it to see what’s going around on campus and what clubs are hosting events each week. They can also explore clubs outside their major to explore all things that interest each individual. My professor and I also introduced all the sororities and fraternities that are here in SUNY Cortland, and how to go about rushing and when they are able to rush. These are just some of the points I made through my presentation, but there’s is just so much to talk about here at SUNY Cortland for just one presentation, so my professor and I came up with the idea for the student’s to go about a scavenger hunt to explore what we offer here in SUNY Cortland!


College experience, student life, COR 101, campus involvement