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The topic that I chose is “Getting Involved at Cortland.” It is connected to the presentation I made for my presentation which was called “Campus 101” where advice and helpful resources were linked, as well as focus on the importance of student involvement on campus through different events, programs, and internships not just for class requirements, but for their own benefit at Suny Cortland but in the future as well. A paper written by Leo W Jeffres, Jack Powers, and Jae-won Lee studies how student involvement in college activities can assist in improving student retention and enhancing the college experience (Jeffres, Powers, Lee). Students who engaged in campus activities are more likely to have positive feelings towards their entire college experience and will continue to retain that feeling past college. In the post- graduation world, a study at The Ohio State University shows that students who were involved on campus were more likely to be hired than those who were not (Center for the Study of Student Life, 2020). While attending college, students can work on steps towards their careers even if it is joining a sport or becoming an e-board member of a club. They can also work towards building resumes through these opportunities and find internships. The goal of my lesson is to emphasize the emotional and future benefits of campus involvement.


College experience, student life, COR 101, campus involvement