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As an admissions tour guide, I have the opportunity to make prospective students and families aware of what SUNY Cortland has to offer. As a sophomore, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to attend SUNY Cortland and never miss a chance to tell others what a wonderful place it is and how much I enjoy being a part of this wonderful community. I could go for hours about everything SUNY Cortland has to offer. After being a tour guide for almost a year now, prospective students have told me how overwhelming all of the information stated on a campus tour can be. Most students are going on numerous visits throughout the summer and the beginning of their senior year, without a set plan yet. It can be very difficult for students to remember all the information they are learning and what information goes with which school. For my COR 101 lesson, I taught a “Tour of SUNY Cortland.” By doing this, I was able to highlight some of the important information that was stated on their tour when they first visited the campus. Seeing that these students are now officially Red Dragons, it would be beneficial for the students to have a refresher and also learn more about the campus they chose to attend! College is a huge transition from high school, however there are resources on campus to aid this transition, and I want to make students aware of what SUNY Cortland offers and how they can use these resources to their advantage . I want to provide incoming freshmen with tips that can encourage success at SUNY Cortland and make students aware of where they can go for these resources. SUNY Cortland feels like a home away from home to me, and I want to do what I can for these students to feel the same!


College experience, student life, COR 101, campus tours