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The topic I chose was Time Management, a crucial skill applicable at every stage of life, whether in high school or planning for retirement. I decided to create a lesson on time management because, upon entering college, I experienced stress due to the workload. I successfully got rid of this stress by organizing my time determining when I would work on specific tasks, ensuring breaks were included. I established a daily routine what I followed because it was the most efficient way. The top two ways I which good time management benefits first-year students are reduced stress and improved academics (BetterYou). According to National University, 87% of students believe that honing better time management skills will result in higher grades and enhanced academic performance overall. Strong opinions abound regarding the positive impact of time management on everyday life. Embracing effective time management not only transforms academic experiences but will also teach you valuable life skills that go beyond the college.


College experience, student life, COR 101, campus involvement, time management