Morgan, Titilayo, 2018


Morgan, Titilayo, 2018

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Titilayo Morgan was born on July 16, 1977 in East Harlem, NY where she spent her childhood and grew up. She lived with her mother, who had a very influential role in her life in regards to her education. While her mother nor grandmother attended college, her mother ingrained the idea that she would receive an education no matter what. While she attributes her attending college to her mother, she also describes a relationship in which they did not always see eye to eye but knows her mother wants nothing more for her than success. As a child, she attended a program for gifted and talented children with exceptional intelligence, and attributes this to her knowing a lot more information before other children. When she attended SUNY Cortland, she became a psychology major after deciding the career of attorney was not for her, later on becoming interested in becoming a social worker. Currently, she is the President of the Cortland Alumni Association and she very much enjoys the work she does for the association and hopes to continue making the Association better for current and future alumni.

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Cristina Brea and Alex Katavolos are undergraduate students majoring in history at SUNY Cortland. This interview is part of History 329: “Oral History and Historical Memory” for fall of 2018 taught by Evan Faulkenbury.


Interview was conducted by Cristina Brea and Alex Katavolos on December 06, 2018.


Titilayo Morgan, Oral Histories, SUNY Cortland

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Morgan, Titilayo, 2018