HasBrouk, Christine, 2018


HasBrouk, Christine, 2018

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Christine M. HasBrouck was born on August 8, 1973 in Owego, NY. She went to Apalachin Elementary School and graduated from Owego Free Academy. Christine has two siblings, a brother name Daniel and a sister name Heather. Her father (Harry) and mother (Sharon) were both born in the 1940s; both of her parents had different lifestyles. Her father served in the Army before working for International Business Machines Corp (IBM), while her mother was a stay at home mom, then later started working at a bank. During high school, Christine thought she was going to be an architect, but life took her on another path. Christine’s high school allowed the seniors to volunteer with smaller children, and from that day on, she knew education was her passion. After high school, she went to Broome Community College and earned her Associate Degree and later applied to SUNY Cortland and SUNY Oneonta, she went to SUNY Cortland in 1994. At Cortland, her degree was Elementary Education with a concentration in psychology exceptional, with the goal of teaching special education. She then had the experience of working with children at Binghamton University in the Children's Unit for Treatment and Evaluation (C.U.T.E) behavior modification program, the way children were treated changed her thoughts on wanting to be a special education teacher. Christine later became a teacher assistant who helped children having challenges in the classroom. From her experience at home and in school, she grew a love for people who have autism. Christine expresses how she loves to see children who are struggling finally grasp the concept of a topic and that’s what brings joy to her heart. Christine feels that SUNY Cortland education helped her get a job easier in her felid, after she took a long break from work, but she doesn’t think Cortland helped prepare her for what children go through in their lives today. Christine also feels that SUNY Cortland education program has improved by allowing children to be hands on in the classrooms earlier than usually. She also feels as if SUNY Cortland’s environment has changed with adding dorms and changing the rules of parking for freshmen and replacing the football field with a cafeteria. Christine feels as if downtown Cortland haven’t made any major changes. After graduating from SUNY Cortland in 1995, Christine experienced a huge tragedy in 201l when her home was flooded by a hurricane, and a week later, a tropical storm in Binghamton, NY. She had to live with her parents and in a trailer, and gladly eleven months later her family was back on their feet and placed back into the comfort of their home.

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Kristian Christian and Jill VanDeMark are both current students at SUNY Cortland majoring in Early Childhood/Childhood Education with a concentration of social science. This interview is a project that is a requirement for an Oral History class in the fall 2018 semester given to us by Professor Evan Faulkenbury.


Interview was conducted by Kristian Christian and Jill VanDeMark on November 17, 2018.


Christine HasBrouk, Oral History, Sesquicentennial, SUNY Cortland, Students

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HasBrouk, Christine, 2018