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Ellen Brody is a SUNY Cortland alum, and she studied Recreation Education from 1972-1976. During her time at Cortland, she found a passion working for the Concert Committee, helping put on shows and doing various jobs such as working in advertising and hospitality. She later became the first female Concert Coordinator to work on the committee, where she faced various obstacles and doubts due to her gender. In this interview, Brody shares how she overcame these prejudices and her advice to other females working in male-dominated industries, recalls her favorite memories of the Concert Committee, and explains how being involved in the campus helped her succeed in a professional career in the music industry. Brody has traveled the world with music far from the small central New York city of Cortland. Her professional career has brought her to Syracuse, Boston, New York City, a European tour, and even Saudi Arabia. Her desire to be part of a campus organization blossomed into a fulfilling and lifelong career, and she encourages students today to join at least one campus group or organization in hopes they can find their passion too.

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The Interviewer, Taylor Shellman is an undergraduate student studying history at SUNY Cortland and a public history intern for the Cortland Musical Legacy Project. This interview was conducted as a part of the Project.


Interview conducted by Taylor Shellman on December 2, 2019.


Ellen Brody, Oral History, SUNY Cortland, Students

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Brody, Ellen, 2019