Hanselman, Brian, 2018


Hanselman, Brian, 2018

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Brian Hanselman spent the first ten years of his life in Cleveland, Ohio and from there lived in Buffalo, N.Y. where his family relocated for his father’s job. At an early age, Mr. Hanselman developed a deep love for athletics and excelled as a natural athlete. After looking at many different D I, D II, and D III colleges, he formed a deep connection with SUNY Cortland, where he played collegiate football for one year and wrestled for two years. While academics never came easily to him, Mr. Hanselman spent many nights working hard in the library and putting in the extra work that was necessary in order to succeed. Pairing the school and the sports together made the atmosphere enjoyable and he found comfort in the energy of the university and the size of the community; large enough to have some space but small enough to not be too overwhelmed. He earned his degree in Physical Education in 2003 and his Masters in Health Education in 2004 and it’s also where he met his wife. After graduation, he moved down to Virginia looking for work and began teaching in a school when he was introduced to the idea of administration. Knowing that he needed to provide for his family, he attended George Mason University to become a principal. Once he received his administration degree, a job opened up in his wife’s hometown and they moved back to New York. He acknowledges that if it weren’t for Cortland, he might not have the family he has now. Brian Hanselman is grateful for the lifelong friendships with teammates and his coaches from SUNY Cortland and still keeps in contact with them regularly. Brian has been back to visit Cortland a few times and plans on attending the Cortaca Jug game in 2019 at the MetLife Stadium. He currently is a vice principal at Lowville Academy in Lowville, N.Y.

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Moira Fayle is an undergraduate student at SUNY Cortland. She is a junior who plans on graduating in May of 2020 with a degree in Inclusive Childhood Education and a minor is Social Sciences. Michael Marsich is also an undergraduate student at SUNY Cortland. He is a senior who will be graduating in May of 2019 with a degree in Communications and a minor in history. Both Moira and Mike were a part of Evan Faulkenbury’s Oral History and Historical Memory class in the fall semester of 2018.


Interview was conducted by Moira Fayle and Jill Michael Marsich on November 9, 2018.


Brian Hanselman, Oral Histories, SUNY Cortland

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Hanselman, Brian, 2018