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Dr. Seth N. Asumah


A question that I have for people in the African American Community is; Why is it that many friendships seem to excel but when it comes to relationship status the connection between African American men and women is hard to come by? For hundreds of years we have seen the effect of Modern-day slavery to the people in the African American Community and this is one. Most African Americans have been stuck in a mindset that we should never and will never be connected as one mentally, emotionally and physically through love in society. In this paper I will argue that Most African American men and women are great friends, but they are not the best in relationships because the healing process was not taken place within this culture; which have led most men and women of the African American Community into The Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder (PTSD).

The reason behind this presentation, was to unravel the possibilities in why relationships are not seeming to work out in the African American/ Black Community. The purpose was to raise awareness to get the people thinking of the why's and how's, but to also break the cycle. This has been going on since slavery and it is not because the black family wanted to its because this is what the slave master wanted to happen in the black family. As being a woman of color my goal to see more marriages and less broken homes for more generations to come.

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African Americans, Relationships, Incarceration, Media representation of African Americans


Africana Studies | Communication

Post Traumatic Slave Disorder and Relationships: Revisiting Relations of Black Men and Women.