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Shufang Strause


In this presentation, we are to present our EDU315 Mock Teaching Project designed by a group of teacher candidates for an elementary school classroom (4th grade) of culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Using TPACK as the theoretical framework, we designed an integrated lesson of Social Studies and ELA. Using reliable and age-appropriate resources we guided 4th graders to explore/research southeastern Asian countries and traditions. The main components of our lesson rested on our technological content knowledge and our technological pedagogical knowledge. These specific areas of knowledge enabled us to determine what technology tools are the most appropriate for our lesson and how these tools can meaningfully be integrated into our lesson to achieve the intended goals of our lesson. We used a series of technology tools such as iMovie and StoryJumper for 4th graders to engage in the content and learn to revamp said content creatively in different digital forms.

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TPAK, integrated lesson plans, pedagogy, educational technology


Early Childhood Education | Educational Technology | Elementary Education

Engaging Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners with Technology