Kindred Quilt

Kindred Quilt


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Martine Barnaby


Kindred Quilt is a stop motion animation, based on a poem I had written about a conversation I imagined having with my brother, Braden, following his death. Braden and I fought and got on each others' nerves, often, but at the end of the day, we loved each other unconditionally. With this animation, I let you in on my narrative quilt. I emphasize the attachment I have with my brother and the way our relationship has evolved after his death. I express the feeling of what it is like to be at a standstill with memories rushing past you.The mixed media aesthetic serves as a collection of symbolic objects, history, and pertinent memories of his short life. A family quilt not only celebrates family connections, it creates an artwork to be treasured and shared. In this case, my quilt is sewn in celebration of Braden and the memories of our relationship, then and now.

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stop motion animation, grief, narrative quilt, Transformations


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Kindred Quilt