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Mark Dodds


Gender discrimination within the sport management industry is a prominent complication that has been around for seemingly forever. Whether it’s being ashamed of their femininity by a male dominated society (Hoeber and Shaw, 2003), undergoing gender stereotyping (Bower, Hums, and Grappendorf, 2015) or experiencing sexism (Hardin, Smith, Taylor and Welch, 2018), it’s clear that women have been pushed to the bottom of the sporting industry. This has an overall effect on female sport management students and their experiences throughout their time in the undergraduate program. It’s been concluded that female students are left questioning whether sport management is right for them, knowing that they’re the minority and are undermined for their credibility and knowledge (DeLuca, Mudrick and Sauder, 2018). For those who continue to persevere, it’s likely for them to adopt strategies in an attempt to overcome these barriers that are being thrown at them (Mahoney, Morris, Vooris, 2019). The purpose of this study is to dive deeper into how the awareness of gender discrimination is affecting female students’ learning experiences and their perceptions regarding their futures.

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Gender Discrimination, Sports Management, female students, Transformations


Sports Management

Gender Discrimination and its Impact on Female Sport Management Students