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Jeremy Jiménez


For those of us who are the next generation to come into adulthood during an ever worsening climate crisis, it’s important to ask ourselves, “How do we as the future generation lead for a sustainable future?” This study examines how international high school students studying in Singapore prioritize environmental decision-making both in their individual lives as well as public policy advocacy. From surveys of international students, and a smaller subset of open-ended interviews, our data gives insight into their views on climate change, environmental issues, and public activism as well as what themes in their environmental education may be inadequately addressed. This study analyzes how students think their formal education curriculum as well as outside media sources empower them to acquire knowledge, skills and values needed to promote sustainable development.

This study hopes to conclude with proposals for informing how to evaluate current environmental education programs for efficacy and inclusion.

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Sustainability, climate change, environmental education, Singapore, environmental decision-making, Transformations



'It's my responsibility': Perspectives on Environmental Justice and Education for Sustainability among international school students in Singapore

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