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Katarina Silvestri


The purpose of this evaluative case study is to determine how students from a 4-year medium-sized college in the northeast US who participated in a short-term study abroad program in Cuernavaca, Mexico perceived their experience as worthwhile in their education. This research seeks to answer the following questions: 1) How does short-term study abroad impact students’ perceived level of Spanish language proficiency?; 2) What are students’ thoughts about short-term study abroad with respect to their learning beyond their Spanish language development (e.g., financial investment, cultural appreciation, etc.)?; and 3) What are students’ overall perceptions of the short-term study abroad program? This research uses semi-structured interviews as well as demographic surveys as data points to inform the creation of participant profiles as well as thematic analysis. The themes that will be discussed include motivation, support, and critiques of the program.

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Spanish, Study Abroad, Inclusive Childhood Education, Transformations


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Latin American Languages and Societies | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature

Spanish Language Development and Perceptions of Undergraduate Students During Short-Term Study Abroad