Research in Outdoor Education


The terminology may have changed, but the concepts of "leaders" and "leadership" have been a part of human thought for thousands of years. Similarly, so has leadership education. Leadership is one of the core skills employers expect of their employees at every level (Scheneman, 1991) and leadership development has emerged as a goal of outdoor education (Fri­ese, Hendee, & Kinziger, 1998). Debate contin­ues concerning the most effective methods for developing leadership as in recent years leader­ship education has been brought to the forefront. This is borne out in leisure literature as well, where in the last decade scholars have begun to demand research related to leadership develop­ment in wilderness programming (Easley, 1991 ). In light of this demand, the purpose of this study was to explore the possibility that leadership skills can be developed through participation in summer youth camping programs as a result of the interplay between the process of learning, environment, and social interaction.