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Danica Savonick


The purpose of our project is to educate viewers on the history of abortion in the United States and the women affected by abortions. In the 21st century, the topic of abortion is over-politicalized and as a result, we tend to overlook the suffering and obstacles women encounter and are forced to overcome in these situations. We aim to de-stigmatize abortions with our project. Our unique abortion timeline includes three different components: the abortion laws and events beginning in the mid-1800s, the true, personal stories of women who are affected by these laws and abortions, and the different abortion resources available for women throughout time. Each topic appears as a different color circle on the bottom of the timeline to distinguish which story is what topic; red circles contain information on the laws and events, white circles are personal stories, and pink circles are resources. This timeline builds on the excellent abortion timelines already in existence including the “Abortion History Timeline” from the National Right to Life organization and the “Timeline of Attacks on Abortion” from the Planned Parenthood website. While these timelines do important work such as highlight major legislations and popular law cases, our timeline combines these insights in a way that we hope is accessible for students and readers interested in learning about abortions in a more complex and inclusive way.

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Abortion, Timeline, Laws, Personal Narratives, Transformations


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | History of Gender | Women's History

Women’s Rights are Human Rights: The Story of Abortion Laws and the Women Affected