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Muteb Alqahtani, Jacob Hall


Helping preservice teachers develop positive attitudes toward using new pedagogical practices requires engaging them in professional learning and teaching practice. In this study, 16 preservice teachers engaged in an intervention that focused on integrating robots to teach mathematics to a group of first-grade students. The mathematical tasks engaged first-grade students with concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, and identifying patterns. After the teaching experience, the preservice teachers responded to five open-ended questions that elicited their perceptions of using robots to teach mathematics to first-grade students. We conducted qualitative content analysis of teachers’ responses to identify common trends regarding teaching mathematics using robots. Results illustrated positive engagement while using robots in teaching and considerations of novel approaches to teaching mathematics. The reflections indicated their intentions to adopt or revise specific strategies in their future practice.

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Teacher education, pedagogy, robots, elementary education, mathematics, Transformations


Educational Technology | Elementary Education | Science and Mathematics Education

Using Robots to Teach Mathematics to First-Grade Students: Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives