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Ross Borden


The usage of the word Conspiracy Theory isn't anything new. In fact it is a word used widely in today's society. But what is a conspiracy theory, how are conspiracy theorists and believers viewed in the public eye, and what about conspiracy theories do people find so alluring?
The common notion of conspiracy theories are that they are inherently wronged, that history just happens. That people are wrong for trying to connect dots that aren’t there and are a result of un-informed, ill-educated people lacking skeptical and critical thinking skills. In testing this notion I examined two conspiracy theories, one proven and the other un-proven. The proven conspiracy I examined is MK-Ultra in which I focus specifically on how it was proven to be true. The un-proven conspiracy theory I examined is the conspiracy theory of Reptilian Elites in which I focus on the tactics used by David Icke that garnered the mass following of believers it now has. Through researching these two conspiracy theories and in better understanding the people who believe in them, a new notion for conspiracy theories is discovered.

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MK-Ultra, Reptillian Elites, Conspiracy theories


English Language and Literature

What's The Deal with Conspiracy Theories?