The collection includes records from each president who served since Cortland’s founding in 1868. These range from James Hoose, the first Principle (referred to as Principles before President’s) to our current President Erik Bitterbaum. The digital collection consists of photographs, inaugurations, retirements, speeches, and biographical materials. While the digital collection is currently not as large as the physical collection, you may access additional resources on the President’s Records through the College Archives.


Browse the President’s Office Collections:

James H. Hoose (1869-1891)

Francis J. Cheney (1891-1912)

Harry DeWitt DeGroat (1912-1943)

Donnal V. Smith (1943-1959)

Donovan C. Moffett (1959-1963)

Kenneth E. Young (1964-1968)

Richard C. Jones (1968-1978)

James M. Clark (1979-1995)

Judson Taylor (1995-2003)

Erik Bitterbaum (2003-Current)