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James Hokanson

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Measurement of VO2 typically requires a laboratory setting and an expensive metabolic cart. We measured treadmill walking VO2 using a simple portable breath analyzer (PNOĒ Inc.) and compared values to a calculated VO2 using the ACSM walking prediction equation. Students in EXS 438 measured VO2 during treadmill walking. Our pilot study had an apparently healthy college-aged male complete the Bruce treadmill protocol while wearing the breath analyzer. Metabolic data were collected on a continuous basis. Steady state exercise was considered the last 30 seconds of each stage. The participant completed as many stages as possible before voluntarily stopping. Average (±SD) VO2 ( from the breath analyzer were 20.44 ± 3.67, 20.36 ± 8.37, and 37.47 ± 7.51 for stages 1-3, respectively. Calculated VO2 ( were 16.26, 24.67, and 35.57 for stages 1-3, respectively. Students will complete VO2 testing and determine relationship with ACSM equation.


VO2, portable breath analyzer, PNOĒ, ACSM walking prediction equation, treadmill