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Over the course of the last several decades, largescale increases of various industries such as textiles and electronics have swept through Southeast Asia and Africa. In favor of maximum production of cheap products, many nations within these regions have set very lenient environmental regulations on dumping industrial waste within its waterways. One such nation that abides by this philosophy is Bangladesh, which has seen a steady uptick of pollution in the Turag-Buriganga river system which runs through its capital and main industrial hub of Dhaka. The aim of this study is to synthesize published studies in the Dhaka region from 2005 to 2015 on trace metal concentrations such as Chromium and Copper as well as to present and analyze the data using ArcGIS. This allows for a better understanding of the geospatial distribution and trends across time of heavy metal pollution within the main waterways of Bangladesh.


Turag-Buriganga river system, Bangladesh, Dhaka, heavy metal polution, water polution, trace metals