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Memorial Plaque of James Hoose that reads: "The memory of James Harmon Hoose A.M. - Ph.D. - LL.D. The first principle of this school. 1869-1881 and 1882-1891. God gave him a great spirit, a great mind, a great personality; he improved these gifts and brought them to full maturity. Through his influence upon the character of his students and his ability to arouse intense devotion to life's ideals. His desire to make the world better was realized. His national service in promoting public education as teacher, investigator, and writer is an enduring contribution to the science of teaching. Deep and firm he laid the foundations for this school. Admired and revered by his students. The circle of his influence is ever widening through the eyes of those who erect this tribute."


Hoose, President, Plaque, Cortland Normal School