Donnal Vore Smith was president from 1943-1959. Smith's recognition comes from his ability to greatly expand the College financially and physically. During World War II, Cortland's enrollment dropped dramatically, less than 500 students. But then continued to rise each year afterwards and by 1959, the end of Smith's tenure, Cortland had close to 2500 students. To meet this increase, Smith also helped provide the college with the financial stability to build six new buildings. In the past the College primarily used Old Main as the only building on Campus since 1923. In 1948 the College purchased Huntington Camp at Raquette Lake expanding a physical and outdoor education focus. A major shift in teaching had occurred when graduate degrees were being offered and Cortland started emerge as a liberal arts college. In 1959 Smith retired to accept a position as the Minister of Education in Pakistan through the Foreign Service Program out of the University of Chicago.


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