Swoyer, Louise, 2017


Swoyer, Louise, 2017

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Louise Swoyer grew up in Cortland along with her parents and two brothers. She has traveled across the United States, visiting and living in different places. While growing up in Cortland, her father would take the family on road trips, through upstate New York and even up into New England. She remembers the great time she had in school with her teachers and friends, and at home with her family. She specifically remembered her grandfather, tending his garden. Her Grandfather John, J.W. Evans, used to work at the Wickwire Factory in Cortland, N.Y, but doesn’t recall him working while she was young. Louise attended Cayuga College, in New York, and after that traveled a bit, before finally settling down in Columbus, Ohio, where her husband had taught at Ohio State University. She eventually would go onto teach at the University as well, after introducing the ‘Adopt a School program’ in the city. The impact that Louise has not only had on the people she came in contact with, but even children that benefitted from the actions that she had taken to encourage a better education, is remarkable. Louise currently lives in Phoenix, A.Z, but has recently returned to visit Cortland a few years ago. She explained how it looked awfully different, other than Main Street, which continues to look very similar.

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Jasmine Sprauve, Julie Becker, and Tristan Luccari are students in Public History course at SUNY Cortland, fall 2017 taught by Evan Faulkenbury. Julie and Tristan are both History and Social Studies Teaching majors. Jasmine is a History major with a minor in Asian/Middle Eastern Studies.


Interview was conducted by Jasmine Sprauve, Julie Becker, and Tristan Luccari on October 12, 2018.


Louise Swoyer, Oral Histories, Cortland Community

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Swoyer, Louise, 2017