Kinetic investigation of short chain dehydrogenase reductases


Short chain dehydrogenase reductases (SDRs) are enzymes of a diverse family of proteins involved in catalyzing the oxidation or reduction of a wide range of substrates. The SDR of interest used for research is bacterial protein 5JY1 which was found from the Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID). Steady state kinetic assays were conducted using UV vis spectrophotometry to observe the difference in absorbance over time. The data collected was used to analyze the enzymatic activity of the enzyme 5JY1 on different substrates. The substrates benzil, ethyl phenylglyoxylate, p-benzoquinone are promising substrates as there is a significant change in absorbance over time inferring high enzymatic activity. By understanding how the protein interacts with these substrates we can use this information to weaken or destroy this pathogenic bacteria. Future work will involve testing and finding the enzyme kinetics of more substrates to create a biocatalytic toolkit for this SDR.