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The topic I chose for one of my lessons in COR 101 was Mental Health and Wellness. During the first class, we asked the students what topics they wanted to learn about throughout the semester and mental health and different parts of mental health were on many of their lists. I started off with a short video as a mental reset and to get students relaxed before the rest of my lesson. I listed and talked about resources available to students at SUNY Cortland, locally, and nationally which was provided through the power point and on a print-out sheet for them. I also discussed strategies and ways to manage mental health, how to deal with stress during midterms week, which is when I completed my lesson, how social media can impact mental health, and ways to use social media in a positive way. We finished with a Kahoot to wrap up and review what they had learned during the presentation.

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COR 101; student involvement; college life; mental health; wellness


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Mental Health and Wellness