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The topic i chose to teach was “ How to: Degree Works.” The reason i chose this topic was to help first year students become more familiar with how to navigate degree works and also become familiar with schedule builder. First year students don't often realize that instead of having an advisor make your schedule, like in high school, we as college students are fully responsible for making our own schedules. The transition from highschool to college comes with a lot of responsibilities that many students didn't know about. “Gaining an understanding about the barriers facing the transition from high school to college is a crucial step” (Schneider,2014). Now that covid is coming to an end, that is another transition that students have to make and by having that guidance can really change a students perspective. “Throughout my college years, I have entered a pandemic, have had to navigate through the pandemic, and have transitioned from online schooling back to in-person classes” (The Importance of academic advising in higher education, 2022). Many first year students get in a state of panic when they realize that there are hundreds of students registering before them, and they end up not getting into the classes they wanted. The goal of my lesson was to show my students how to see what courses are needed to take for their degree on degree works and also how to use schedule builder and creating their potential schedules for next semester.

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Degree Works