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The topic I chose to teach was about the many different opportunities to be involved in SUNY Cortland athletics, and activities around Cortland, NY. There is a broad range of opportunities coming from intramural, to Club, and then Varsity sports. I teach a COR 101 class in the Sport Management major- and I asked them the first day of class how many of them played a sport in high school. As expected, everyone raised their hand, prompting me the idea to lecture them about the variety Cortland offers. Students may find these “Explorations”-as author Strayhorn explains as an idea of a community of students with common goal (in their case science) to give a sense of belonging in a new stage of their life. (Strayhorn, 2019). Sports can be their own exploration, and to find unity with their classmates. First year students tend to struggle more than other grades, so finding a right fit is important (Ebert, 2019).

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COR 101, student involvement, college life

Sports and Activities in Cortland