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I decided to create my poster symposium based on my presentation of “Methods to Research and Writing Methods in College.” As a Professional Writing major myself, I thoroughly understand the processes of finding credible sources and creating written works in a variety of subjects. In their time at SUNY Cortland, students will be writing a multitude of papers- ranging from scientific lab reports to creative fictional pieces. Knowing the basics of writing papers- such as creating outlines, following instructions, and properly citing sources- is an essential skill that will set you up for success in your academic career. In this presentation to my students, I have highlighted the importance of understanding the common types of papers that are assigned, and how to properly structure the piece based on the standards outlined in the assignment. Writing papers can be a stressful process for students, and research suggests that “the higher the level of the students’ anxiety, the worse was their writing performance in that they lacked confidence in constructing writing” (Zhang 2019). One tactic that I touched upon to reduce this anxiety was brainstorming because it is also shown that planning out work allows it to be much easier for students to make the process flow more easily (“Research Papers- Choosing a Topic”). I also talked about the on- campus resources that can help students such as the Writing Center and the Library as well. My goal of this presentation was to encourage students at SUNY Cortland that no matter their major, they will be researching and writing more often than they think, but that should not be a daunting or stressful task if done correctly.


College experience, student life, COR 101, college-level writing