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The topic I chose to present was “Internship Opportunities”. I chose to present this topic because, as a college student, internships can aid you in finding and creating your career path after graduation. From the authors of “The WetFeet Insider's Guide to Getting your First Ideal Internship” data is presented based on in-depth interviews and research of people's experiences as interns. They found that having an internship positively benefited those who were seeking a job in a similar field (Assaf and Lurie 2003). Getting firsthand experience and building the skillset needed for a particular field through internships makes an individual stand out to future employers (Assaf and Lurie 2003). In a study done by Tomoki Sekiguchi, Yoshitaka Mitate, et al. builds on the purpose internships have served to college aged students in becoming great candidates for employment post-graduation (2022). Seeking out and applying for internships takes initiative and time and can be especially stressful on top of the overwhelming responsibilities that come with being a college student. For those who are able and willing to take on this challenge research has proven it to be beneficial to the individual in the long run. My goal of this lesson is to present students with this opportunity they can choose to engage in to guide them in their future careers.


College experience, student life, COR 101, career planning