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The topic I chose to teach was “Embracing and Cultivating your Inner Health” My presentational lesson was based off several factors and experiences that are commonly seen in college students that can lead to struggles internally. According to Health Minds Study, who conduct surveys across campuses nationally through 350,000 plus students found that “More than 60% of college students met the criteria for at least one mental health problem.” (Abrams, 2022) The college experience is different for everyone; hardship and obstacles are expected in this journey. But these common struggles should not justify the intense cases of mental stress and anxiety. As a result, mental health becomes a health concern that becomes invisible to the eye. According to The Clay Center for Young Minds, an online educated resource found that “College students may worry about a “black mark” on their academic record. They also worry that a psychiatric disorder will be judged negatively by peers or faculty. And finally, there is a real lack of sound information about the nature, course, and treatment of psychiatric disorders.” (Abdu-Glass et al, 2017) College students are faced with various areas that are vulnerable to being hit with unexpected change but are expected to handle these life altering moments with a form of grace. The normalization of this does not help the case. The goal of my lesson was to create conversation and find common grounds we share that should not always be faced alone.
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