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In a survey given to my students, they were incredibly interested in learning about relationships, specifically roommates and parents.I think this topic is really important because those are two really hard relationships to navigate when you first get to college. According to the Atlantic, "In one recent survey of roughly 14,500 college students across the U.S., three in five respondents said their relationship with their parents had improved since they started college; a quarter said the relationship was 'much better.'" I wanted to explore this with my students, as I know its so hard to deal with your new life and freedom while making sure you keep in contact with home. I wanted to give tips on how to maintain their independence yet nurture their relationship with their parents. As for roommates, almost every college student has a roommate horror story. According to Georgetown Student Health Services,"about 1 in every 3 college students in the US reported roommate problems last year". I wanted to give tips for conflict mediation and just living with another person in general.


College experience, student life, COR 101, roommates, parents, relationships