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One of the topics I chose to teach was "How to adjust and get involved on Campus." To be a red dragon is more than a student on campus, it means to be involved and acclimated to our community. I believe this is a vital topic to introduce in the beginning weeks of the semester. Freshmen have difficulty acclimating and getting involved when it's not right off the bat. In my presentation, I used the fact that "With nearly 70 SGA-sponsored clubs, you’re sure to find a match for your interests and your enthusiasm for new experiences."(Cortland) Opening them up to all the clubs, teams, and organizations we offer is a great way to find something fitting for each student. I showed them how our clubs also are a good way to give back to the Cortland community as a whole. In fraternities and sororities alone “around 1,118 completed and approximately $48,000 in fundraising.” (Cortland)

Besides pushing students to get involved it is important to understand this is new for them and they are still adjusting. I introduced ways to adjust to campus with something as simple as calling your parents. The Cornell Daily Sun shared a student's mindset "Talking to my parents has been a great relief throughout my time at Cornell. It doesn’t mean that I’m not independent, but it means that I’m not going through everything alone." (Ononye) This shows that adjusting to college doesn't have to feel like isolation not only is support here, but you'll always have your family. The goal of my lesson was to show that even the simplest ways of getting involved or adjusting can make your transition to college feel easier.


College experience, student life, COR 101, campus involvement, acclimating to college