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The topic I chose to teach was "Self-Care Through Self-Affirmations." My presentation was based on self-care because I wanted to address the issue of mental health problems and provide the students with ways to care for their mental health. I believe it is a topic of great importance that students may not receive much instruction in other classes. Mental health problems can decrease a student’s quality of life, academic achievement, physical health, and satisfaction with the college experience (Suicide Prevention Resource Center, 2020). Mental health problems can negatively impact a student’s energy level, concentration, and optimism, hindering academic performance (Suicide Prevention Resource Center, 2020). When it comes to mental health, self-care can help one manage stress, lower their risk of illness, and increase their energy (National Institute of Mental Health, 2022). Sharing information related to mental health allows students to learn about the importance of practicing self-care and promoting personal wellness. I embedded this lesson with several personal experiences to make the students feel comfortable talking about this sensitive topic. Many college students struggle with finding time to prioritize their needs, but practicing self-care does not need to be time-consuming. The goal of my lesson was to share self-care tips that fit into busy college schedules.


College experience, student life, COR 101, self-affirmations, self-care