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The topic I chose to teach was "Building Bridges." My presentation was based on the importance of socialization and collaboration for two reasons. The first is that I found this topic really beneficial for freshmen especially because neither socialization nor collaboration was plausible during the COVID-19 pandemic when I was a freshman. The second reason is that the students in my section of COR expressed their struggles with socializing and collaborating in college. Howard Community College published an article about the importance of socialization for humans throughout life. This article explains that humans learn a large portion of their lessons, mannerisms, and morals through socialization. It argues that without socialization humans would not be able to learn or grow. Socialization is also proven to have a large effect on a person's health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published an article about the significance of social connectedness on mental and physical health. This article explains that those who are more socially connected live healthier mental and physical lives. Collaboration is a huge aspect of socialization, especially within college. The Center for Teaching Innovation at Cornell University has an article expressing the benefits of collaboration within learning for mainly students but faculty as well. This article highlights the increased learning, self-esteem, and skills that are developed when students collaborate with each other. Therefore, this topic covers the importance of socialization and collaboration as humans and students, and its benefit for mental health and learning.


COR 101, socialization, collaboration, college experience, mental health, COVID-19